Smell-based VR Device In The Works



The boundaries of virtual reality have been pushed once again as a VR device capable of sending fragrances to users has been announced, sure to be regarded as a marvel even though gamers are having a difficult time in thinking of a game that would not produce foul odors of sweat, blood and rotting viscera (ero-gamers naturally have a better class of odor in mind).

The “Vaqso VR” (a device made by a firm of the same name) is a relatively small device that latches onto the bottom of a pair of VR goggles with magnets, releasing scents at select times that will differ between games and can range from the musty scent of gunpowder to luxurious shampoo – with the developers naturally looking into expanding their smell repertoire.

Nastier odors have not escaped the realm of possibility as well, as the developers have mentioned that they intend to replicate the scent of rotting flesh and sewage for games like Resident Evil, additionally mentioning that the smell can diminish depending on the player’s distance from the source of the smell.

A few images of the device:





The VR device dispenses its odors via cartridge, with tiny fans blowing the scent toward the player once signaled to by the game; the current prototype can only hold three cartridges at once but the developers are attempting to fit five total for the final product.

Cartridges last about a month and the device itself is battery operated; a release date has not been revealed yet, and nor is the fidelity of its olfactory assault quite clear so far.

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