PornHub Blocked in Philippines: “It’s Used by Pedophiles”


PornHub is amongst the sites banned en masse by ISPs in the Philippines recently, with the ostensible reason being “because pedophiles use them”, even with the rather obvious sketchiness of such a claim.

Despite there being no proof that child porn was ever distributed on the blocked sites, Philippines president Duterte has continued to rant about how much they are a haven for child predators, additionally stating that he did not want his citizens to become addicted to lewd content either – although he seems to be stopping short of enforcing any of this with police death squads as he has been with the drug trade recently.

Filipino fappers have already begun theorizing that the ban might have been triggered by PornHub’s annual statistics survey, which revealed that Filipinos “embarrassingly” spent the most time visiting PornHub.

PornHub’s statistics chart for 2016:


Should this hypothesis actually hold water, some might wonder why the easily offended Filipino president didn’t merely regard the statistics as a compliment to his people’s sexual endurance…

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