Cinderella Girls VR Acquires English Release – In Asia




An English version of IdolMaster: Cinderella Girls Viewing Revolution has been announced, sure to be stellar news for the hordes of western IdolMaster fans and serving as the franchise’s 2nd English release since the “Shiny Festa” rhythm game for smartphones, despite this English iteration only being available in Southeast Asia (so far).

A PV of the English version:

IdolMaster: Cinderella Girls Viewing Revolution will debut in Southeast Asia sometime this spring; the game will only be available digitally however.

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  • I thought they were going with the trend of complete English translations for niche japanese titles for ASIA release like Super Robot Taisen V. Kind of hoped they would have done so for Idolmaster 2

  • Bought Japan version. It is quite blurry, especially you can see the trail when they run (maybe PS4 Pro will have improvement? I don’t know). And there’s a few big fucking speakers/stair block you view for “realistic” reason.

    You can cheat, by set your height to highest, and when calibrate you put the camera as high or your PSVR as low as you can, and after that you view normally, the height of your view will then be lift up quite a bit and more closer to them.

  • Ooh, they are just so darned cute! 🙂

    However, would motion sickness be an issue with these 3D goggles like they were with 3D movies? I was okay with Avatar (2009) but apparently some folks had to run to the restroom from motion sickness half way into the 3 hour movie.

    Really hope that won’t be an issue with the VR considering it lets us get up cause and personal to Miku and these cuties! 🙂

    • 2009 was quite long ago. A lot of progress has been made to reduce motion sickness in 3D.

      I have however read about people seeing distance in different ways, or in combinations thereof. One type focuses most at the relation between the left and right eye, where the other type focuses at the shadows more strongly.

      The 3D that is easy to reproduce is the one where you have left/right eye difference. The shadow part has been pretty neglected / is a lot more difficult to accurately reproduce.

      Thus the later type of people are more probable to get motion sickness from the VR gear.