Talking Tachikoma’s “Personality Can Change”




The construction of a real world Tachikoma from futuristic anime Ghost in the Shell (half the size of its anime counterparts) has at last achieved fruition, with the automaton currently being showcased at the I.G Store Tour Shop in Osaka – likely attracting not only fans of the show but robot enthusiasts excited to see this “breakthrough” in technology.

Visitors can interact with the Tachikoma by way of an app (which allows players to raise their own Tachikoma and give it the personality they desire), transferring the personality of their 2D pet into the real life Tachikoma, who can also apparently say the name of the app user and sweetly converse with them.

Videos starring the Tachikoma, sadly very much stationary and with no big guns, spinnerets or cloaking, initially unveiled to the public on December 23rd:

A press event with the developers back in December revealed their intent of implementing the Tachikoma in stores as a means of customer service, stating that they wish to “introduce a robot infrastructure” of sorts – which they hope will be achieved by March 2018.

The Tachikoma will be on display until January 30th.

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