Trigger Kirin Beer Anime CM Mass Triggers


Complaints over an animated Kirin beer CM from last summer has forced the animation to be taken down from the company’s official website, with the reasoning being that the CM supposedly “appealed to minors” due to its usage of anime characters – naturally insulting both anime fans and beer-loving sophisticates alike.

A majority of complaints stemmed from ASK (a non-profit dedicated to preventing alcohol and drug problems), who had accumulated enough signatures to convince the flaccid brewer to remove the video; horrifyingly demonstrating that petitions can apparently make a difference when the cause is pearl-clutchingly inane enough.

The Trigger-animated CM, which can still be witnessed by way of a third-party uploader:

Kirin did impose age-verification on the video, but this safe-guard was deemed “ineffective” by the aforementioned non-profit organization.

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