Kimi no Na wa “More Profitable Than Spirited Away!”


Despite being disallowed the opportunity to win a Golden Globe, popular body-swapping romance anime film Kimi no Na wa has achieved an accolade of its own after all, as the movie has reportedly generated more proceeds than even Miyazaki’s beloved Spirited Away, which held the title of “highest grossing anime film” for 15 years.

Kimi no Na wa (which ran not only in Japan but all around the world) amassed ¥33.93 billion at the international box office, surpassing Spirited Away’s ¥32.96 billion by a slim margin – in addition, the movie’s run in Japan accumulated ¥22.4 billion, making it the country’s 3rd highest grossing movie of all time.

Makoto Shinkai (the writer and director for Kimi no Na wa) has unwillingly become a recipient of the title “the new Miyazaki” as a result of his success, something the established man regards as an over-exaggeration considering he “doesn’t even want any more people seeing his film” – possibly suggesting that the man somehow does not see the film as quite worthy of its astronomical receipts.

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