2020 Tokyo Olympics Recruits Shokotan For Mascot Selection


Revered idol and gore-sketcher Shoko-tan has been selected as an official member of the Mascot Selection Review Conference for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, bewildering many as to how the idol managed to obtain such a position and naturally inducing concern amongst some.

Shoko-tan’s exceptional understanding of Japanese “sub-cultures” (specifically anime and games, possibly also cat ladying and attention whoring on Twitter) and her ability to latch onto popular youth trends have served as the main reasons for her selection, with her popularity as talent and idol barring any nameless otaku from being chosen.

Since the selection committee will consist of at least 5 other members aside from Shoko-tan, fans can be assured that choices of the insect variety or pussy-sucking sort will likely only be in the minority – the mascot is set to be officially revealed sometime next year.

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