Criminal Girls Uncensored Mod In The Works



The Steam release of Criminal Girls: Invite Only has naturally been met with a significant amount of negative criticism due to the ridiculous censorship; the upset masses will however be overjoyed to know that a mod seeking to obliterate all of the game’s censorship is currently on the way.

An old video comparing the original Criminal Girls game with the censored western one:

What some Steam reviewers had to say about the horrendously censored title, with some complaints going beyond the topic of censorship:

“bought this game for the tiddes and the memes, got a bad quality game and pink foggy tiddies. 0/10.”

“Loli spanking sim 2017”

“Was censored. Refunded.”

“The animu ♥♥♥♥ draws me in. The boring af gameplay pulls me back to reality.”

“Game is fun at the beginning, but sucks hard after a while. Typical asia grinder, Boss fights are near impossible unless you go leveling (that is, grinding) for hours.”

“No english option thus impossible to play properly”

According to a forum thread, one particular modder has already managed to dissolve the game’s unnecessary pink smog and is currently attempting to implement the original Japanese voices for the “motivation” scenes, so surely it will be only a matter of time before the game is restored to its former glory…

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