Nintendo Switch Presentation “Has Tons of New Games!”




Details have emerged for the upcoming Nintendo Switch by way of this new presentation, which not only revealed more of the device’s functionality and features but a myriad of new games as well; though whether those titles will be worth purchasing another gimmicky Nintendo console for is another matter…

The hour-long mega-presentation:

A trailer for Fire Emblem Warriors, another Dynasty Warriors clone attempting to further milk the easily-amused masses:

Square Enix’s newly announced RPG Octopath Traveler:

A new No More Heroes title was also announced for the Nintendo Switch, though a trailer has been forgone in exchange for some artwork:


The next big Mario game – Super Mario Odyssey – was also unveiled, with the revered plumber apparently getting a chance to visit the “real world” in his latest adventure:

Ink-based shooter Splatoon also received a sequel in the form of Splatoon 2:

A cute video starring Bowser and Bowser Jr. concerning the Nintendo Switch and its parental controls:

The Nintendo Switch is slated for a worldwide release on March 3rd.

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