Hubby Stabber “Tripped”


The death of a woman’s perhaps not so beloved spouse has led to her incarceration as police believe she stabbed him with a knife during a heated argument, with the wife denying the charges of murder but stating that she “tripped” and stabbed him to death by accident.

Tokyo police apprehended the woman at the scene when her husband was discovered lying bleeding on the floor, and using their deft policeman senses immediately suspected that the woman had a hand in the crime as the bloody result of some domestic dispute or other, and arrested her as a result.

A cursory inspection by police revealed that a fruit knife was lying nearby, which the woman conceded she thrust into her husband’s gut – albeit “by accident” from tripping after their argument grew more heated; her husband was rushed to a hospital but succumbed to his wounds.

The suspect in question:


With the wife insisting that she had no murderous intent toward her husband, a police investigation has begun in search of the truth – many suspecting her “tripping” to be a rather convenient excuse…

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