Da Capo 3 R X-Rated Sexually Suspenseful




Those who have had the pleasure of experiencing the Da Capo anime from ages past may appreciate the English-translated “Da Capo 3 R X-Rated“, which concludes the original heartfelt story in its entirety whilst offering some bonuses in the form of sex scenes.

The series revolves around a world where its inhabitants can use and manipulate magic, with protagonist Kiyotaka enrolling into a magical academy so that he can prevent the “destined fate” befallen to his precious imouto, acquiring friends and suffering through traumatic ordeals along the way in the usual emotional visual novel fashion.

A trailer for the sensuous eroge:

The Internet has additionally been accumulating some (well-substantiated) rumors regarding the eroge’s seiyuu cast, specifically that Nitta Emi, Sasaki Mikoi and Ousaki Chiyo will not only be present but will also provide their voices during the game’s H-scenes.

The third and final entry into the Da Capo series has an all-ages version available on Steam now, though pre-orders for the far spicier R-18 iteration are also open.

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