The Salacious Story of Hua Yin “The Spoils of War”




Dieselmine’s latest eroge, “The Salacious Story of Hua Yin“, revolves around players leading an army of women in defense against a nation of belligerent men, naturally allowing players to do absolutely nothing and watch the predictable aftermath – all illustrated with art from a rather well known hand.

A strategy game, Hua Yin tasks players with creating formations of different troops and sending them out against enemy invaders, offering quite a bit more depth than the usual generic visual novel:

























Buyers can look forward to devastating (or being devastated by) hordes of dominant males now.

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    • It’s a war loss game, by default a woman in a war who gets conquered will become a chicken on a rotisserie.

      I mean that’s what this fantasy technically exists for. We all know women are our equals, but a fundamental truth etched into thousands of years of our DNA is when you conquer a people their woman become the playthings of the winners. We want this to stop of course, it’s a horrible element of our humanity, because the very thought of this happening in reality turns my stomach. But it doesn’t change that my animalistic side wants to see the defeated women fucked so deep and filled to spilling out with cum and impregnated for thinking she could face a man in battle and win that the very setting gives me a gigantic erection. It has nothing to do with thinking women couldn’t win either, I know consciously they can. But my dick doesn’t care. You can’t overpower a man of equal strength and skill, you will be defeated and raped and it is the law of mating.

      • ” But it doesn’t change that my animalistic side wants to see the defeated women fucked so deep and filled to spilling out with cum and impregnated for thinking she could face a man in battle and win that the very setting gives me a gigantic erection. ”

        If it wasn’t for the fact, i didn’t write this comment.
        I’d think you were me.

        Seriously. I couldn’t have explain this fetish better if i tried.

      • >We all know women are our equals
        That’s why they need affirmative action, and that’s why campainging for women is #HeForShe, not #SheForShe.

        Women are equals only where affirmative action and diversity hires are enacted, and then you get a Yahoo situation.

        • No they’re really equal to us in many ways. A woman of similar intellect and capability really is able to outdo a man in many elements, but we’ll always be better than them in others.

          The stupid idea that men are dumb and women are smart is a strong potential, but much of it is that men are singular of focus, while women can multi-task. It doesn’t make us stupid, it means we tend to have more focus than them at single elements. Plus it allows us to shut off our mind and relax, but at the same time women can reach a compassion that we struggle with, and that compassion leads to more love and happiness overall. Granted that can be abused which we see in reality, but it’s also a part of their history of succumbing to powerful men, just as it’s our history to overtake women.

      • 11:47
        That is quite the imagination. I can’t believe you actually think that the women can win. A woman can not compare to a man in hand-to-hand combat.
        I think your fantasy is not just about your animalistic side, but also because a part of your mind that wants to shout out the truth that women can’t fight.

        • A woman can definitely win with equal skill. She just has to rely on different techniques than a man would. Same way an old master of martial arts can defeat men much younger than him. I know the vast majority of the time she will be overtaken, but it is still of course possible. And I was stating it all things being equal, a woman can beat a man in combat. Will she win in wrestling or other strength oriented elements? Nope, nearly always never, but in actual sword combat she can win, that type of deal.

          But yeah, I do state freely that women quite simple can’t win overall against men in combat, not because they’re lesser humans, but because the focus of our very DNA has been focus of survival for generations since we could stand erect. No pun intended.

        • It’s there, otherwise you wouldn’t even be looking at this type of game. You’d be saying it’s disgusting, inhuman, should never be made, and so on and so forth. But instead your complaint is there’s a gangbang, not that a woman is summarily defeated and raped.

          Our human side steps into the fantasy when it gets a bit too close to reality or experience, so it just depends.