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You sound really butt hurt. You should try to relax and take it easy instead of getting upset at some random poster.

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    A “fox-girl” is not a furry. That would be an anamorphized fox, or rather a fox that stands upright and has a human-ish body figure. Referring to something as being “furry” for the explicit purpose of pissing people off (the very people you depend on for traffic), is extremely stupid, ignorant and juvenile. Not that I expect anything else from the article writers here since they demonstrate daily that they are the absolute bottom of the cesspool of stupidity & dumbfuckery that seemingly …

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    @23:34 Man dude careful with that edge

  • Musou Stars “Now Has Furries!”:
    Who cares, furies are 9/10 fucking weirdos. People who choose to “Live their life” around a fetish. Thank god no one else does that :|

  • Musou Stars “Now Has Furries!”:
    That moment when tecmo have 0 ideas.

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  • Brothel Sex Doll “More Popular Than Real Girls”:
    Reminds me a tbfp joke from Yakuza 4. The blow-up doll at the hostess club does a better job, the girls will be replaced. Heh

  • Sin Nanatsu no Taizai BD “Christmas Comes Early”:
    I wish you did a comparison between BD and AT-X version. The AT-X version had a little too much brightness and I want to see side by side comparison.

  • Splatoon 2 “Overrun by LGBTQWTF”:
    Gyys, seriously let’s keep politics out of this game about squids becoming the top species after humanity destroyed themselves with rising sea levels!

  • Top 10 Best Anime Battles:
    3. PSG’s first battle between Panty and stocking vs Scanty and knesocks. 2. Fate / Kaleid’s first battle between Illya Archer vs Sabre Alter. 1. PMMM: Rebellion Mami vs Homura You’re welcome

  • Top 10 Best Anime Battles:
    I like Kemono Friends, but putting it on a list of the ‘best anime battles’ is just dumb. Like it was hype, but it wasn’t amazing animation-wise. Overall, this list is complete shit. Not even a mention of One Punch Man or Mob Psycho 100!


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