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You know, i guess you also acted like a fucking Asshole when you saw Links Wolf Transformation in Zelda back in the old Days.
Is that all you do in your Life, hating on everything?

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  • First 5 Min of Hollywood GitS: “What Have They Done…”:
    I wont see this Movie.. its like a fucking mashup of everything.. i wonder who got the fucking smart idea to just take the Building Jump and combine it with the Geisha Hostage Scene from the GITS TV Series.. guess they were too fucking afraid to add in the political Side or else they wouldnt had changed the beginning of Matoko shooting that guy who wanted Asylum to something nonsensical like this.. and look, already theres fucking slow mo.. I swear to god this has signs of a fucking sinking …

  • Dead or Alive 5 Nude Mod Sexier Still:
    Uh.. the only thing i ever could find out that its supposed to be a Mod for Dead or Alive 5.

  • Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 DLC: “The Tiniest Yet!”:
    Well.. id rather stick to my Nude Patched XBV2 Version on my 360..

  • Koizumi Hanayo Bikini Cosplay Completely Drenched:
    Well.. it seems her Teeth are so bad, that for her its impossible to let out a positive Grin..

  • Youjo Senki “The Most Evil Little Girl!”:
    Its something different and people here seem to hate Animes that are “different”. I surely liked what i saw and will watch it till the End. Sadly its normal that people bitch on Sancom, but it always was like that.


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