Final Fantasy VII Remake “Still Ages Away”


According to a recent Famitsu magazine interview, the hotly anticipated Final Fantasy VII Remake is still far from release (or a potential demo), certain to drive the humongous legion of Final Fantasy fanboys – or what’s left of them – into an incomprehensible fury.

The interview was conducted with the game’s director, Tetsuya Nomura, who revealed that production is still underway for the title and that an undisclosed amount of time is still required before the team feels confident enough to show anything off.

Nomura attempted to assuage the fears of FFVII oft disappointed fans by stating that the game’s development team is working hard to meet the astronomical expectations of players (while still apparently believing that an action RPG combat system was a good decision) and that they should occupy themselves with some of Square Enix’s other brilliant releases due later in the year (for Android and iOS, no doubt).

The game’s development team is hoping that they will have something to show off to fans sometime during the year, giving themselves almost a year to weasel out of showing the actual goods…

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