Pole Dancers Serenade Departed Politician


The death of a Taiwanese politician has led to the emergence of a public pole dancing parade at the request of the deceased man’s brother, with many quite brutally quipping that the politician’s death may likely be more memorable than his life as a result.

Supposedly informed by the spirit of the politician in a dream, the brother immediately set out to hire 50 hot pole dancers and an abundance of pole-sporting jeepsto serve as their stage, naturally leaving many skeptical about there being some ulterior motive or mad fit of grief involved.

Videos of vehicles cruising about as they carry dancers doing what they do best:



The ludicrousness of the parade has surfaced the usual doubts about the seemliness of political culture in Taiwan – although with the God Emperor of the (Miss) Universe about to ascend Americans may not have much high ground in this area, in particular…

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