Chainsaw Threat “Was For YouTube Views”


Police have apprehended a Japanese “YouTube content creator” after he uploaded a video of himself threatening a delivery worker by waving a chainsaw like a crazed lunatic, a stunt that the perpetrator has claimed was solely for the views and potential revenue.

The “incident” began when the suspect’s father turned away a delivery worker who had arrived to drop off a router he ordered, causing the “YouTube celebrity” to verbally assault a deliveryman at a Yamato Transport distribution center and demand his package whilst revving a chainsaw – the video can be seen below:

When restrained by police, the man admitted that he made the life-destroying decision solely for the colossal views and money that it might generate once uploaded to YouTube, though many are thinking that this reason may just be an excuse to cover up his inappropriate rage and potentially net a lighter sentence than attempted murder.

The chainsaw maniac, whose YouTube account is also still quite accessible:


The police have since confiscated the suspect’s phone and are currently analyzing it; specific details regarding the maniac’s trial and likely charges have not yet been divulged.

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