Man Scissored For 18 Years


Surgeons have recently removed a pair of surgical scissors that were lying dormant within the abdomen of a Vietnamese man for over 18 years, an event surmised to be due to the negligence of a doctor from his previous surgery.

The misplaced instrument was discovered during a medical check, prompting an operation to remove the six-inch rusted scissors that were located next to his colon and apparently stuck to his organs.

Surprisingly enough, the afflicted man had felt no pain until very recently, with his doctor occasionally prescribing ulcer medication – an image of the ancient scissors:


Pondering about where he could have possibly picked up the foreign object, the Vietnamese man recalled a surgery he had in 1998 due to a traffic accident, resulting in his current doctor desperately seeking out the surgeon of that particular case – if he or she is still even employed in the medical field or even still alive.

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