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  • Yet another series that makes me despair as I once again ask: why, why, WHY has nobody jumped on the hype train to make some actual monstergirl hentai anime?! There’s tons of monstergirl hentai manga, an ever-increasing number of monstergirl eroge, several monstergirl ecchi series, but NO-ONE has actually made an actual hentai anime series where a guy gets to stick into lamia snakepussy, centaur horsepussy, harpy birdpussy (unless you count that ONE scene in The Elven Bride with a “harpian” who basically just looked like an angel with tailfeathers), arachne spiderpussy, or slime oozepussy? There is NOT ONE hentai series that has tapped into this massive burgeoning market, ANYWHERE (unless someone has slipped one out without fanfare in the month since I last looked). It’s ridiculous!

  • I’d like to see the paper documenting how a genetic trait makes you have a detached head and flames shooting out your neck.

    but we get cute girls, the fuck do I care about explanations!

    • I read the manga and it doesn’t tell about that trait, but the whole series is about how does one live with the trait . the next episode is about her and he does put his hand into the flames, among explaining and seeing how she does normal everyday things. and to top it off, she has the most adorable trait that she never grew out of.

      • I remember one (recent) manga chapter where they actually try to explain it from a scientific standpoint, talking about wormholes and other space-time aberrations being one posibility. And yeah, Kyouko is cute 🙂