China Quality Anti-Cheating Head-Wear Pure Quality


Images have begun to circulate online of some “special head-wear” that one Chinese school has implemented to prevent their students from cheating – the head-wear in question being a truly high tech solution in the form of a page of newspaper with a hole cut out of it.

How the school can get away with forcing its students to wear something so ridiculous just to prevent cheating has naturally become a hot topic of discussion, with the images themselves easily going viral online:



According to the research of some websites, cheating has apparently become a rampant phenomenon and a cause of much concern amongst schools, surmised to be the result of the intense pressure induced by the importance of such exams managing to overwhelm the ethical fortitude the Chinese are so renowned for.

In an effort to abolish the cheating, students have often been forced to take their exams in more wide-open areas (and in some instances, outside in the heavily polluted air) whilst teachers watch over them with binoculars and even drones.

While cheating is an understandable issue that needs to addressed, some have argued that overcrowded classrooms are the bigger isuee – one that, if resolved, would also greatly reduce the effectiveness of cheating.

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