US Flick Love on Ice “Copied Yuri on Ice!”


The fujoshi community have directed their hatred on the Hallmark Channel’s upcoming made-for-TV movie “Love on Ice”, claimed to be a rip-off of the “highly superior” gay romance that is Yuri on Ice.

The movie’s concept revolves around a “has-been” ice-skater gaining a chance at reclaiming success with the aid of a coach she eventually falls in love with, bearing some similarity to Yuri on Ice – though with the main difference being that the romance is heterosexual as opposed to homosexual (both a rather glaring flaw in the fujoshi comparisons and one they are not about to let go of if it is an intentional change).

A 30-second PV of the movie, which has been bombarded with an unbelievable amount of dislikes from angered detractors:

A petition (gathering almost 3,700 signatures in a single day) demanding to know the reasons behind the movie’s similarity to Yuri on Ice has already been spawned in wake of this “heinous event”, with Twitter also serving as convenient channel for rotten effluence:

“wtf is a love on ice ???? i hope that stupid shit flops zzz”

“Love On Ice can fucking die in a fire. YURI On Ice is a lot better.”

“We shouldn’t have to deal with some cheap heteronormative knockoff that is love on ice”

“Love on ice would had much more rating if you made it gay, like the original @hallmarkchannel Its 2017.”

“Hey @hallmarkchannel and @hallmarkmovie, you guys maybe want to stop plagiarizing #YuriOnIce for #loveonice?”

“end yourselves and that table scrap show love on ice”

“Are you aware that you are possibly plagiarizing the show “Yuri On Ice!!” with your upcoming movie “Love On Ice”?”

“yall really need to acknowledge the blatant ripoff, whitewash, and Homophobic thing yall did with #LoveOnIce re #YuriOnIce”

“I’m pretty sure your movie Love on Ice is a white heterosexual rip off of @yurionice_PR. NOT OKAY.”

“absolutely disgusted in hearing about “Love on Ice.” absolutely ridiculous and stupid. #stopplagiarizingyurionice”

“if you’re going to copy the entire plot of yuri on ice then why did you make it straight wtf #LoveOnIce #YuriOnIce”

Despite the outcry over the movie “plagiarizing” the generic homosexual love story, it had been discovered that Love on Ice began filming in November (a month after Yuri on Ice began airing), meaning the production would have had only a mere month to acquire its cast and filming locations while also getting its screenplay greenlit – a difficult feat.

Angered outcry from enraged fans will likely have ended up only aiding the movie by way of the Streisand effect though, as the made-for-TV movie has achieved much attention as a result of the “controversy” and may even garner more watchers when it debuts January 7th.

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