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  • I have an impertinent question that I’ve been meaning to ask.

    The MMD (Miku Miku Dance) along side also very popular (3D Custom Girl)
    were anime dress up and very underdeveloped animation games that allowed players to customize (mod to death) a character and proceed to either have your way with that character in really cheesy, repetitive animation. (Animation that also would be modified by “modders” because the original game’s animation was just TOO awkward and unflattering.

    Just as a reminder this game (or games) were created back in 2005! And (at least not to my knowlege) has NOT seen a professional ‘FACE LIFT’ since that time. As in this game is a BEST a PlayStation 2 level game still being played in here 2017 (12 years later).

    The original game designers went on to create other custom style games specifically for the XBox (or so was what I last read… which was YEARS ago.)

    In equal light a game called Sexy Beach Premium Resort brought to light what I thought could have been the official “Face-Lift” that these “Custom” games needed and I was rearing to play it because of it’s so-called “studio” which proved to be the same nice 3D model being re-rendered in a lower-quality renderer, matched up with an alternative rig (which was impossible to use even with the most talented animators… Yes, I actually challenged one once to see if it was just me, but no. It WAS the rig.) and on top of that given a really limited set of functions that didn’t make the game itself very fun at all.
    ((it’s really a shame since the models themselves looked really, really nice. I actually lost myself in the game just staring at the polygonal models in their pre-assorted poses. Man, how I only wish the rig was better and a place to record KeyFrames for animated sequences.))

    Enough on that.

    But my point is: Isn’t it time that we DID get a half-way decent “Face-Lift” that updated the plastic-like character models of the Miku-Miku/3DCustom games and enabled people to create their naughty movies and share them like they clearly want everyone to see (as demonstrated regularly on this Site)? Shouldn’t there be someone out there working on a reconstruction of the 3D Custom Girl game for a modernized (2017) generation (smoothing the 2D-3D character lines, making sure the “parts” fit together nicely, making sure the character maker has smooth transitions from outfit to outfit, or from facial detail to facial detail… maybe better hair selections. (Just an example: Artificial Academy 2 certainly showed that smoothing the lines made custom “anime” 2D graphics quite appealing. (But with AA2, the game was again limited to the boundaries of the game itself, not really a custom girl engine like MMD or 3DCustom Girl.

    and to top off the cake. What the ****** is wrong with many of these custom engines that they never seem to factor things like HAIR going through the body instead of around the shoulders, skirts that don’t conform to a character’s posture (specifically sitting positions) With 2017, it’d be nice to see 1 group return to building a half-way decent CustomGirl/MMD engine that addresses the modern technology and “Dynamics” of 3D Model engines.