Omori “Cute Yet Also Horrifying!”




Stylized Kickstarter RPG Omori has finally received a new trailer, bound to be an effective attention-grabber for newcomers with its initially cutesy design and visuals – as well as its more sinister elements.

The new atmospheric trailer:

Those curious in staying updated on the game can do so via its official blog.

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  • Oh look.

    Another wannabe Earthbound brought to you by kickstarter built with RPG maker.

    Seriously. Fuck these people.

    Whatever happened to indie studios that started off broke THEN hit it big. I miss that time and age now. It feels like forever since Zun and Pixel, now it’s like everyone wants to skip the struggle and go straight to the reward without actually working on anything.

    Nowadays, studios are coming up with great concepts, getting a tonne of money thrown at them and then delivering broken , half finished or RPG Maker trash.

    • You realise that kickstarter allows studios to take funding directly from fans, as opposed to taking out bank loans, requesting funds from venture capitalists, or working themselves to death by doing a full time job at the same time right?

      Kickstarter means that devs can get he money they would have gotten from elsewhere, but without the hassle of banks and bailiffs breathing down their necks, and business men pressuring them to shit out whatever they have cooking before it’s done so they can make back their money.