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    • nasty hentai is best hentai.

      if you want lovey dovey stuff, that’s what the real world is for.

      Hentai can have the craziest shit, why would i settle for some couple lovingly having sex. Dafuq?
      That’s like going to a bar in heaven(where all pain is pleasure) and asking for water instead of… i dunno, battery acid or lava.

      • you cant have “lovey dovey” stuff in the real world with women who look like this, and what the hell? I thought for sure most people on this site were cynical enough by now to realize that “lovey dovey” stuff is even more unreal than your fucking run of the mill tentacle rape

        and I can never understand how once most people can step into the fictional realm they can suddenly get go of all their own convictions/principles/morals… oh, she looks an age that couldn’t possibly be higher than 10 and she’s getting screwed by an old man, but it’s ok because it’s only a drawing of something that could happen in real life, like in my dreams! but I’m no pedo! And before you bring up violent action films/games, I can only speak for myself that I’ve never enjoyed or been entertained by the thought or depiction of shooting other human beings, that’s never the reason I would watch a film nor would it be a positive aspect of a film. Even martial arts for me are supposed to be about the art, not the violence.

        and fine, kila kushan can be in all the nasty hentai she wants, but would it kill anyone for her and her friends to have just one sexy ova where nothing shocking, horrible, or disgusting has to happen? I’m not saying change the whole world for me and bring about world peace or anything…

        • Anonymous says:

          To reply to your comment on why do people let go of morals and such so easily, it’s only cause it’s fantasy. Most of the things depicted in hentai or doujin isn’t exactly possible in the real world since we do have laws in place to prevent it (Plus most of those things totally violate the natural rules of the world xD).. so ye. That’s all I can say on that subject.