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Valkyria: Azure Revolution Formally Introduces Ophelia




Princess Ophelia has gotten a rather regal introduction with Valkyria: Azure Revolution‘s newest trailer, a cute girl who apparently utilizes the power of music to devastate foes, no doubt making many wonder how such a thing is possible – although how such a lovely dress holds up in combat is perhaps the more pressing concern.

Ophelia’s trailer, which divulges some of her backstory:

Valkyria fanatics can expect Valkyria: Azure Revolution to launch on January 19th for the PS4 and Vita, western JRPG enthusiasts can play the game sometime next year for PS4, Vita and Xbox One.

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    • The first Valkyria game was the best because it had a reason to exist. It was a novel approach to the JRPG formula with a charming watercolour palette and themes about war and humanity that were handled with grace and maturity despite the existence of some anime tropes.

      The second game sucked because of the school setting–which made it feel dismally generic. The third was better than the second, but suffered because they decided to up the edge quotient a little too much and added in those stupid large swords which cost the series some of its groundedness.

      • I dont mean in terms of story or gameplay, I was talking about the visuals, go look at the Remastered version trailer of the original and then look at this, its seems more like garbage, lost its charm.

        • 2 was decent, not the best in terms of story but gameplaywise was among the best strategy games on PSP (not much real competition on that front, though) adn the third one was quite good since it improved the weakest point in 2, the story and multiplayer mode. All that is of course considering it was PSP, you don’t judge a NES game by XBOne standards…

        • Gameplay wise the psp sequels weren’t bad if safely close to the original’s formula. And the squads in all of them are full of anime tropes so thats not really grounds to complain. I do agree that the sequels largely squeeze themselves into tiny portions of the overarching story and so lose something in scope, and it could be argued aren’t told as well on the lower budget of the psp.