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Western University Course: “Learn About Magical Girls!”


A university course on mahou shoujo has surfaced, surprising few as similar courses have previously emerged regarding such arcanely unreal subjects – though this particular class may prove shocking (for those who have never heard of “gender studies” or the like at least…) as a western university was the one to offer it.

The class in fact is apparently a cunningly structured “English 101” course, utilizing the power of magical girls as an ice-breaker – below are objectives of the course provided by its instructor:

● Understand the basic tropes and methodologies of the magical girl genre.
● Use the genre to introduce basic tenets of feminism.
● Question whether niche interests like anime can elaborate on theoretical questions of aesthetics versus politics in a meaningful way.
● Connect the magical girl genre to larger questions of political importance.
● Teach students how to write (this is, after all, an introductory level English course).

An example of one of the lectures the instructor gave has been uploaded online:

While more deluded otaku may be disappointed to learn that the class is not only about watching magical girl anime all day, for anime fanatics who would be gravely watching the shows and constructing theories anyway it will at least provide some handy course credit – and those with with no particular career aspirations beyond extended debt-slavery could doubtless do even worse.

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