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Pool Thief Filches Balls: “It’s A Waste to Leave Them”


Abandoned inner-tubes and beach balls were the incentive of a man who was recently arrested for sneaking into a pool, certainly causing many to question whether his deed was driven by some perverse desire or merely an overly bizarre fascination for pool accessories.

Arrested for trespassing, the Saitama man told police that he intended on filching the pool items, with him formulating his plan after witnessing all the ones left behind on his last visit – additionally mentioning that he thought leaving the toys behind was “a waste”.

However, the man’s attempted heist was stopped dead in its tracks after he triggered a security alarm, signaling police to his position and leading them to discover the watery goods in his bag, leaving facing probable theft and trespass charges.

Just what the thief was planning to do with the stolen goods once safely home is a mystery, but many have been quick to suspect him of either having some bizarre fetish – as in similar cases – or else of wanting to sell them on to those who do.

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