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Chinese Nutcracker “Actually Hand Grenade”


One rather oblivious man has handed his prized nutcracker (that he had been using for 25 years) over to police after discovering that it was actually a grenade, generating the usual incredulity and incomprehension from those unable to understand how the man could not tell the difference.

Tipped off by a safety leaflet regarding explosives, the man quickly realized that his nutcracker strangely resembled an old-fashioned 1960’s era stick grenade and contacted the authorities – an inspection by police is being conducted to determine if the device is still capable of exploding.

The “nutcracker”:


The owner of the nutcracker stated that he received the weapon of war as a gift from a friend back in 1991, although whether the friend knew what it was and what their real motivations were if they did know are worth some further investigation perhaps…

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