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NPA Poised to Bust More JK Establishments in 2017


Japan’s National Police Agency has announced that they plan to solidify their efforts in abolishing “abusive” JK businesses (just what constitutes a non-abusive line of JK work is unclear) in 2017 (as opposed to immediately) by launching a nationwide investigation, a difficult feat that few doubt will be carried out with great efficiency, even-handedness and the minimum of corruption given the police’s stellar track record in this area to date.

Police have declared the main goal of this “sweep” to be preventing the sexual exploitation and abuse of schoolgirls who find work in the wide variety of quasi-legal services being offered to lonely males, with massages and compensated “dating” being a few of the activities they can undertake for cash with notional legality.

Both the presence of very much illegal prostitution services masquerading as such and the ambiguous nature of hostess-like trades being undertaken by minors drastically complicate enforcement, however.

The NPA have estimated there to be about 300-400 JK-centric businesses scattered throughout Japan, with most residing in the bustling “P4P” heaven that is Tokyo – just how many are under suspicion of performing illegal deeds has not been disclosed.

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