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Fate/Grand Order AR Event “Catch New Servants!”


Fate/Grand Order has seemingly followed in the footsteps of Pokemon Go by incorporating an augmented reality event where players can acquire new servants by scouting out specific cities during certain times, bound to drastically increase the tourist count and potential profits of the lucky cities in question.

Players will utilize their phone cameras to locate and recruit the servants, with 20 unique servants being available throughout 4 cities, while 3 exclusive servants will also be present per city – and sure to require quite a bit of effort for the more hardcore collectors to obtain them all.




The associated cities and the time of their events:

Fukuoka: 17-23rd of December

Osaka: 25-31st of December

Aichi: 21-27th of January

Hokkaido: 4-10th of February

Although the chances of it surpassing the great Pokemon Go seem vanishingly unlikely, it …

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