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    • I mean, its 6th game in the series already right? You would think that each game would bring something new, some kind of evolution compared to the previous part, if THIS is the result than I cant even imagine how bad was previous games, this looks like it was made in 2003. But you know previous games was probably just the same, they seems to use the call of duty scheme, take old shit, wrap it in a new gift wrap, strap 6 instead of 5 in the title and its good to go. I cant even imagine how the developers still have money to produce “new” “games” and what sick man would buy any of them or worst buy every new part.

    • I don’t fully understand it yet, but I’ve been getting the impression that some Japanese people stay away from Yakuza, possibly because it’s too realistically violent and covers subject matter that isn’t socially acceptable?

      I personally liked the story in 5 and 6. Haven’t gotten around to checking out the others yet. Also really liked the multiple protagonists in 5.

      • Clearly you haven’t played Yakuza. Whoever started this stupid opinion that Yakuza is a spiritual successor/ripoff of Shenmue deserves to get their electronic devices taken away. Literally the only similarities between the two games is that there’s a male protagonist, some minigames and some martial arts. Yakuza is a pure action game with tons of fighting, violence and very little walking or exploration. Nothing you do outside the main story has any impact or significance. You just go from one fight to the next and read some dialogue or watch a cutscene on the way. People need to honestly play Yakuza AND Shenmue before making these ridiculous and untrue claims.

        • I played through Shenmue 1 and 2 multiple times, then I played some of Yakuza 1 and 5, and watched playthroughs of 5 and 6, and it’s extremely obvious to me that Yakuza was built on top of Shenmue, if not very heavily influenced by.

          The fact is, people who have played both games see many similarities between them. It’s not a baseless or nonsensical assertion.

          Games are comprised of many design elements, and lots of games copy elements from each other. Similarities are to be expected.

          Yakuza seems to have kept some Shenmue elements, removed/changed others, added new elements, etc. Obviously it is not the same game, but it’s similar. There are plenty of reasons why someone might like Yakuza but not Shenmue, and vice versa.

          But I definitely wouldn’t call Yakuza “pure action”, because as far as I’m concerned, “pure action” games do not really have cutscenes, dialogue, story, running around interacting, etc. Pure action should be just pure action.