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Oden Molester in Hot Water


Aichi police have nabbed a trouble-making deviant for feloniously poking at the food in a bowl of oden sitting on a counter at a convenience store, a heinous dilemma that apparently required police intervention.

The oden molester apparently sought internet notoriety as he filmed himself committing his unsanitary deed before uploading it to the internet, naturally making many wonder why he desired “oden touching” to be his claim to fame.

This plea for attention (despite successfully accruing numerous views) served as his undoing however, not due to police tracking the source of the video but because the suspect’s mother came to the store to apologize for her son’s behavior after witnessing the viral video on TV – the criminal was arrested for obstructing business and has admitted to his crime.

After the disastrous event concluded, the store properly disposed of the contaminated oden and then cleaned the container, although with such containers commonly sitting in front of registers all day long all over Japan this may just be the tip of the iceberg.

A video covering the “incident”:

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