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Gatebox Virtual Servant: “Humanity is Doomed”




Japanese company Vinclu Inc. may have ensured the doom of the human race with their innovative “Gatebox“, a device that allows Azumi Hikari (a 3D virtual character) to join her master in performing normal everyday tasks – finally freeing human males from the tyranny of the fairer sex in favor of her superior virtual counterpart.

The Gatebox allows Azumi to connect with a variety of household objects such as a TV, lights or even a Roomba, and lets her interact with them as necessary, neatly wrapping the panoptical household surveillance of the cloud with a layer of irresistible maid moe and ersatz companionship.

Azumi will even communicate with her master by way of smartphone text messages when not at home and can even distinguish his face; whilst interactions and commands are apparently almost entirely by voice – certainly adding to the realness of the glorified “virtual” girlfriend, and possessing a marketing edge vastly more refined than the glorified eavesdropping devices the likes of Amazon and Google have been attempting to trick consumers into installing.

Some initial concept movies for the Gatebox released quite a while ago that show how buyers can interact with Azumi:

The latest PV of the Gatebox and Azumi in action:

Reactions online have been nothing short of ecstatic:

In short, waifu bait for data enslavement.

I don’t say this to often but thank god we live in the current year

holy shit I want one

Just make a virtual maido already Japan, this holographic girlfriend thing is an embarrassing pipe-dream.

Disgusting 3DPD’s days are numbered.

They better make this shit open source so we can get to waifubots even faster.

Naturally, many anime enthusiasts have been wondering if their favorite 2D anime girls will eventually become available as virtual servants by way of the device… the Gatebox is available for pre-order now until January 31st and can be obtained by both westerners and the Japanese (though language and device capability are not entirely clear).

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