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Cosplayers Steal ¥600 Million in Gold


A group of thieves have managed to successfully steal ¥600,000,000 (some $5,000,000) worth of gold bars by dressing up as friendly neighborhood policemen, a trick so old the only wonder is how anyone with anything worth stealing fell for it.

The incident took place earlier in 2016, when a group of men seeking a cash-for-gold store were stopped by the band of thieves dressed in police uniforms near a train station, robbing them of “about 100kg” of gold bars before then making their getaway by car.

The victims told police (the real ones) that they were attempting to profit off reselling various precious metals and had purchased the plethora of golden bars a day before the thieving, leading police to believe that the criminals had somehow known that the bars were going to be sold.

Whether police can track down the thieves – assuming the gold was not simply “lost” for tax or other reasons, if there was any in the first place – remains to be seen.

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