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JC Shoe Thief Staked Out: “I Wanted to Smell Them”


A stakeout set up by Kyoto police in order to catch a serial shoe thief has successfully led to the criminal’s apprehension, though why police would be that desperate to catch a petty thief has left many bewildered…

The 45-year-old man was ambushed by police trespassing into a middle school while attempting to pilfer the JC footwear, though whether by forcefully removing them from their feet or from their lockers is not entirely clear.

Searching the criminal’s house, police unsurprisingly discovered the man’s “collection” of stolen footwear arranged neatly in a plastic display case, which he regarded as perhaps not only a display of his achievements but as objects of worship since he admitted he stole the footwear solely to smell them.

The school had apparently been experiencing footwear filching for two whole years, which may explain why the police were willing to lie in wait for what police correctly assumed to be a habitual criminal, as like a dog unto his vomit he did return – though many will likely lambaste the police for the years it took them to handle the matter.

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