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Western Tales of Berseria Censored “For ‘T’ Rating!”



Western gamers are fulminating over the heinous censorship present in a recent trailer for Tales of Berseria‘s English iteration, where a graphic murder scene was altered in its entirety so that the title could maintain the developer’s desired “T” rating.

Bandai Namco have hastily addressed the massive influx of complaints about the censorship, stating that the “gory” scene had to be altered or the game would be bumped up to an “M” rating, “lowering” the total number of sales – despite the fact that most buyers will likely be long-time fans of the Tales series and JRPG enthusiasts.

A video comparing the new scene in the American version with the original Japanese version:

In an attempt to soothe the angered masses, Bandai Namco reassured fans that no other scenes in the game have been censored (or so they say); those somehow unbothered by the game’s ridiculous censorship can look forward to its release in the west on January 24th for the PS4 and PC.

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