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Pokemon Hunting Crane Driver Drags Woman To Death


Mega-blockbuster smartphone hit Pokemon Go has once again been blamed for a horrendous accident, this time distracting a crane driver for long enough for the incompetent to unknowingly knock a woman unconscious and drag her 130 meters to her death.

Occupied with catching his virtual critters, the 47-year-old crane driver struck 39-year-old woman and the moped she was riding whilst driving through an intersection, dragging her to her untimely death.

The negligent man is currently standing trial on charges of reckless driving resulting in death, his only defense being that he “did not notice” the accident at the time.

Police say that nationwide there have been 26 serious accidents tied to Pokemon Go related negligence and idiocy, 3 of which have been fatal. The bereaved family in this case are calling for extra penalties for smartphone related negligence.

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