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PlayStation 4 Sales Top 50 Million


Sony is boasting that the PlayStation 4 has finally managed to sell 50 million units globally (including the recently unleashed PlayStation 4 Pro), an achievement that may well see to Sony decisively winning the latest iteration of the console wars yet again.

Black Friday apparently served as the best week for sales in the entire history of the company according to Sony, despite them releasing no actual data and some reports churlishly declaring that the Xbox One outperformed the PS4.

Sales numbers in regards to actual games has been revealed to be more than 369.6 million by way of both the PlayStation store and retail, a spectacular feat of its own.

Sony Interactive Entertainment boss Andrew House gloatingly thanked fans for their astonishing support and promised that even more marvels are planned for the future of the PlayStation brand.

Despite reveling in their accomplishments, the PS4 has still yet to outperform the PS3 when it comes to sales – the latter having topped 80 million – and only time will tell if such a target can be surpassed.

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