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Cop Canned For Buttocks Grappling


One of Japan’s finest has been taken into custody for forcefully grabbing the rear end of a random woman, an incident bound to cause the usual questions over what defect of character it is which drives a man to join the national crime family.

The grizzled sergeant supposedly came up behind his 26-year-old target and lifted the skirt she had underneath her coat before proceeding to hug her buttocks, while also apparently doing “other things” as well, but these have not been mentioned (whether due to their graphic severity or minor insignificance only the police seem to know).

Satiated by his spontaneous perverse deeds (despite his target’s resistance), the sergeant quickly fled the scene, only to be captured by another policeman thanks to the woman’s celerity in reporting the incident – the 33-year-old bottom grappler was charged with indecent assault, which he partially denies.

The Chief Inspector for the area offered a groveling apology for the sergeant’s misconduct to both the woman involved and Shiga prefecture as a whole.

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