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Fleeing Underwear Thief Shatters Bones


The great escape of a dedicated pantsu thief has ended in back-breaking pain as the pilferer snapped his bones attempting to hop a fence, making many wonder why such perverts are willing to gamble their very well-being just to satiate their unusual proclivities.

The thief made his getaway after deftly filching 4 pairs of female underwear from a residence in Tokyo, his perverted endeavor however caused police to give pursuit, driving him to climb over a fence and onto the JR Yamanote Line – and causing him to shatter bones in his right foot and lower back as a result.

Train lines were delayed for an entire 30 minutes due to the man’s grievous injuries (which were likely exacerbated by the fact that he was at a decrepit age of 58), with the thief being promptly arrested by police once he was released from the hospital.

Police investigations of the old man’s home revealed him to be in the possession of about 146 pairs of pantsu, clearly indicating that this incident was by no means his first attempt; the only mystery to the case seems to be why he did not just make do with the much weirder things that can be procured online

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