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  • These lighting changes are what people begged them to do for ages before the game was released. It actually looks worse in some cases. Makes model flaws more visible.

    Also kind of annoying that they only really show “super charge” scenes. More footage of actual gameplay changes would’ve been nice.

  • Disapproving Eldar SJW says:

    Well that went of track pretty damn efficiently.

    Cool. Good on KoF. Here’s hoping it gains more traction as imo it’s a solid game and a worthy entry to the franchise.

    I do wonder if this upgrade will produce many tangible results. The game runs fast and smooth but I suspect that people who dismiss it for being “fake looking” are actually admitting that they’ve never been interested as screenshots (and some super moves) aside there isn’t that much getting close enough for the textures to really matter.

    Let’s not forget how so much of what makes the triple-A games industry crap is how shallow and repetitive the gameplay is and how a major factor in that is the constantly increasing costs of improving visual quality.

    The more money a game costs to create the more it’s investors are going to want assurances of a strong return. The more of that there is the fewer risks will be taken and hence the increased homogeny of the outcome.

    By that standard among KoF14’s real weaknesses is it’s bizarrely prefunctory story mode. Of all the things I would ever expect a KoF title to fumble it’s characters and tone are the easiest to really get right -and yet the story mode feels fairly aimless. And there’s apparently a lack of little details like a character bio index.

    Which is making my point, sadly. KoF 14 is pretty and smooth for people who didn’t ever think that it was “pretty” and who don’t care that it plays smooth. And for returning fans such as myself it’s light on plot and doesn’t do much to get me involved with the new faces -or some of the older ones because what the fuck is Angel’s deal anyway?

    This is a little too much trying to have it all and ending up with not enough for the sake of an audience who was unlikely to really be wowed to begin with.

    By comparison SF5’s visual are an exercise in comfortable mediocrity and yet that’s not nearly as “important” as the “feminazis raping Rainbow Mika’s ass.”

    Attacks. Ass attacks. Whatever. I’ll rule 34 that later.

    For all that I have to hope KoF’s “Hispandering” really pays off because 14 really feels like an all-out effort to slam itself back into the major fighting licenses market.

    And in the mean time Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite has been announced because who’s tired of “infinite” cross over cash-ins? Oh look, Mega Man is back!

    As always KoF struggles with it’s dual curses of not being Street Fighter and of being considered “shit tier” by people who don’t play it. Here’s hoping it’s efforts to win more of the South American audience pays off.