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Final Fantasy XV “Fastest Selling Final Fantasy Ever”


Despite all the ire of legions of Final Fantasy purists towards the blasphemous title, Final Fantasy XV has managed to become the fastest selling entry in the franchise ever, a feat that will likely be regarded as a resounding revival of the series (by some at least).

Square Enix touted that the action RPG secured 5 million purchases by way of both unit shipments and digital sales, additionally breaking the record for the most day one digital sales in Japan and likely causing the game’s haters to angrily criticize the tastes of the general public.

Final Fantasy XV was also the first game in the series to get a simultaneous worldwide release, a factor that must have contributed toward its impressive sales performance.

Given Square Enix’s recent fondness for micro-transactions, it likely will not be long before they attempt to capitalize on these sales numbers by introducing overpriced DLC…

Fans can get in on the Final Fantasy XV hype now for the PS4 and Xbox One.

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