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Breast Sucking Surgeon Busted


A surgeon who was surreptitiously sucking the breasts of the patients he operated on has been arrested after traces of his mouth drool were found slathered on his victims.

The 30-year-old female victim was undergoing an operation on her right breast; however once it was complete, her 41-year-old doctor apparently thought licking her left breast would be a worthy endeavor and one his patient would not notice.

Unfortunately for him, she managed to notice the unwanted attentions and soon charges were being filed against him.

Though the surgeon denied the charges in court, investigations had revealed that saliva containing his DNA was somehow present on the woman’s left breast, deftly putting his integrity as a surgeon into question and seemingly clearing up most doubt.

The delinquent doctor’s defense lawyer however retorted that patients tend to become disoriented after most surgical operations and that the victim may have merely imagined the whole thing, additionally mentioning that such an act would hardly go unnoticed as 3 other patients were also present in the same ward.

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