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China Quality Boob Implants Migrate to Stomach


In a ghastly medical anomaly, the breast implants of a middle-aged Chinese woman (acquired when she was younger) have shifted from her chest down to her stomach, an extraordinary feat that likely few thought was possible.

The afflicted woman had noticed that over time, her breasts were starting to “shrink” in size whilst her stomach was slowly engorging, but shed waited until her stomach’s new “bulge” grew to a concerning size before seeking medical attention.

Thankfully her visit to a hospital cleared the issue up by explaining that her former implant injections contained a since banned substance known as “Amazingel”, its use being illegal in China for the past decade.

While Amazingel was apparently popular in the 2000s for use in breast implants, it was eventually banned outright as it was revealed to be both carcinogenic and having a tendency to “migrate” throughout the body, a rather inconvenient side-effect for breast implants.





Doctors were able to excise the substance from the woman’s body, but she may unfortunately find herself devoid of glances from fascinated male bystanders.

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