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Baseball Uniform Thief: “I Love The Sweaty Aroma”


A man has been arrested for pilfering the baseball uniforms of a Nara prefecture university, admitting to his perverse actions and stating that he “wanted sweat-scented clothing”, with baseball uniforms apparently serving as the most fitting candidate for his needs.

Sneaking into the clubhouse of a private university, the thief not only filched used male uniforms but socks, undershirts and any other garment he could manage to happen upon, though his dreams for the big leagues were unfortunately crushed once he was promptly apprehended by police – leading to an early retirement.

Fully admitting to the charges, the obsessed 30-year-old raved about his desires for sweaty garments and his passion for other males, additionally revealing that he had sneaked into other universities during his spree as well.

Police investigations confirmed his statements to be true as uniforms from multiple different universities were littered about his dwelling – though luckily for him the universities did not install any clever traps

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