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Sankaku App 2.2: For All Your SFM & MMD Needs


The Sankaku App, now in Black, White, Idol and genderfluid editions, has had its Android iteration updated to 2.2 with a release that brings numerous performance enhancements and vastly improved support for all the saucy SFM and MMD videos the Internet is awash with these days.

The changes brought by 2.2:

Enhanced video support: Native playback for videos and animated GIFs ensures faster and more reliable playback.

Favorites UI enhancement: Long tap a post’s thumbnail to add or remove it from your favorites without opening it.

Bug fixes: Several unnecessary or inefficient server requests have been further optimised, speeding things up and reducing bandwidth usage.

Compatibility updates: Even more SDK updates.

It is freely available now in both Black and White editions, along with a version for Idol Complex and the new iOS edition for iPhones and iPads.

Questions, quandaries, qualms and quibbles are all welcomed via email or comments.

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