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Frozen Aquarium Internet Rage Quite Heated



Controversy has raged online due to a recently opened attraction at Space World in Fukuoka featuring an aquarium that has decided to freeze all the underwater life they had on display, an act that has prompted angered animal activists to frantically rush to their keyboards.

Space World, unaware of the backlash that would surface, were quite proud of the attraction as it was apparently the first ever of its kind (perhaps, in retrospect, for good reason), trapping over 5,000 fish underneath a ice rink which visitors could skate on top of – a “disgusting” decision that many online denizens have described to be “disrespectful to life” as the animals were slaughtered purely for “entertainment”.

Images of the “captured” ocean life at the attraction:






Further rage emerged online after images were released depicting what seemed to be blood in the ice:






Attempting to control the outrage, Space World responded by claiming that the fish used in the attraction were purchased dead – and in fact, were considered below the standard of quality for sale.

In regards to the more exotic animals present in the display (such as stingrays and whale sharks), Space World has commented that the animals were actually fake, merely photographs inserted below the ice – though some may believe this to just be an excuse to cover up their misdeeds.

Despite revealing the attraction to be apparently harmless, Space World removed almost all photos, Facebook posts and tweets regarding the event and offered a heartfelt apology all the same.

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