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Beijing’s “Smog Free Tower” Now “Smog Warning Tower”


Beijing’s “Smog Free Tower” (which is apparently the world’s largest outdoor air purifier) has had its name changed due to underwhelming performance in pollution control, with the tower now being humiliatingly renamed to the “Smog Warning Tower”.

The release of poor scoring performance tests revealed that while the tower does have a functioning filter effect, the overall effect was minimal, and unstable to boot – incapable of even attaining the World Health Organization air standards of PM 2.5 set at 75 micrograms per cubic meter.

The 7 meter tall tower in all its strangely miniature glory:





The cleansing device (designed by Dutch engineer Daan Roosegaarde) was held in high regard years before its actual creation, as it was supposedly meant to create a “bubble” of fresh air around itself by gathering particulate matter and cleanse 30,000 cubic meters of air per hour – though unfortunately the tower was akin to turning on an air conditioner outside in regards to power and utility alike, and barely makes for an interesting objet d’art either…

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