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Child Chest Stuffers Busted


An Osaka couple who stuffed the malnourished corpse of their 1-year-old son into an ice chest in their car have been arrested, with such horrendous poor parenting apparently being tragically more common than might be thought

The couple admitted to their wrongdoing, claiming that they left their son in the car one day in April, and discovered he was dead upon their return – afraid of being arrested for this massive lapse in parenting, they opted to stuff his corpse into an ice chest.

Child care authorities had attempted to contact the parents after their 3-year-old daughter suffered a bruise of “unknown origin” and because their son was due for a check-up, to be told by the mother that the boy was “staying with her parents” – with police inquiries revealing that said parents had not actually seen him since March.

Further calls from the child care specialists revealed another excuse, with the parents this time insisting that their son was “with a friend”; eventually they contacted police after the couple stopped communicating completely.

The couple in question:


Investigations led to the discovery of the couple’s car and the deceased boy (with autopsies confirming his time of death to be about 2 months prior to the incident coming to light, with malnutrition cited as the cause of death), resulting in the parents arrest for improperly disposing of a corpse – charges quite liable to be upgraded to something more severe in due course.

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