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Domino’s Delivery “Will Now Use Reindeer!”


In preparation for the savage snowstorms that will strike Japan’s northern wastes this winter, Domino’s Japan has sought the aid of reindeer for deft transportation of customer pizzas, a decision that will more than likely incur the wrath of the ever aggressive PETA.

After supposedly mulling over multiple delivery options, Domino’s Japan had come to the conclusion that utilizing reindeer to perform deliveries would be the most effective solution for when the roads become overly snowbound – though they have confirmed that some testing may be required before the solution finds widespread adoption.

Test runs have begun in an attempt to ascertain how feasible the idea may be (while additionally employing an expert animal-wrangler):





Domino’s Japan has yet to reveal just how many reindeer will be recruited into this “delivery program” of sorts or where they will be kept in-between runs; further details will be unveiled come November 24th, on their official website.

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